Monday, August 2, 2010

Post Script

It is depressing and frightening that the English language has deteriorated so much that when the correct form of a phrase or sentence is used people think it is wrong or sounds strange. The tag on my Victorias Secret pajama pants reads (the average person would expect to see the word 'says' there instead, which is wrong. Exhibit A.) "I only sleep in...PINK." When correctly interpreted that sentence means that when I wear PINK, the only thing I do is sleep. Are you seeing the problem here? A big fat multimillion dollar company can't even work out how to properly configure a sentence. I venture to guess that what Victoria meant to say here is that "I refuse to sleep in any other brand besides PINK." That is not what "I only sleep in PINK" means, at all. Maybe Victoria's secret is that she failed english class.

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