Sunday, August 1, 2010

I hate thinking of titles

Chelsea Clinton. Is so ugly.
Chelsea Clinton is so ugly, and was created from one of most disusting gene pools in the US.
Even with a personal stylist, named Donatella goddamn Versace, Chelsea Clinton is still ugly. She is hideous and repulsive. Which is synonymous with Clinton anyway.

I hate when people misuse the word "mortified." Allow me to provide the definition of this overly elusive word. mortify =df to humiliate, or to subdue the body with pain.
it does not mean scared, frightened, threatened, stunned, or shocked. Get a fucking dictionary and stop using words of which you don't know the meaning.

To the starbucks at UNLV, all of my broken droids, and keva juice: you. suck.

Jersey Shore is the reason I hate people. It is the living embodiment of everything I stand against. 6 or 8 or however many useless specimens that star on that godforsaken show are getting paid tens of thousands of dollars for doing NOTHING. Not one of them is making any kind of actual contribution to society, except perhaps providing an example of how to be the most mentally vacant waste of space. Viewers everywhere eat this shit up, tuning in to every new episode and excitedly awaiting every piece of detrimental drama. If everyone on that show died, and everyone who watched that show died, I would be giddy with satisfaction. They provide nothing worthwhile to anyone, anywhere, ever. And they will never accomplish anything. They're just making more money than all of you just for being repugnant. And way too tan.

There should be 4 channels on tv: national geographic, the discovery channel, whatever channel shark week is on, and a channel with a marquee on loop that reads "go read a goddamn book."

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  1. No, Madeline, you hated people way before Jersey Shore began.