Monday, September 17, 2012

now or ever to come

dark waters
calm -- the
scariest kind of scary
ice, sweet tea, and lemonade
most tired but a treat
awaits me
string of pearls
friends, there are no friends
my god
there is
no god
the fountain is
a spider
long watery legs
the bubbling center body
a sticky dampness on my neck
life as you know it will end
when grace gets here
the timing
most unfortunate
a pain
in toes that creeps
upward. to
my heart
like the news
of death
to children
billions of dollars
of fakeness
of beauty
of couples
hanging breathlessly on iron
the promise of
forever for
a second.
reach out and touch Faith
for a price
she's a hooker
no satisfaction
the rush
of blood
to parts
already bloody,
a grayness
in the face
and soul
but freshly darkened hair
to fool the world
already fooled
by fools
my only friend
a tricep
a token
in heat
my mind is a wonderfully
miserable place
stop to see the roses
the roses
treat all interactions
as if they were with
an autistic
a volcano
erupts nightly
a ship sinks to my right
the palace of Caesar shines brightly
an Italian parade passes by
A bride and her groom every hour
the while gown and the corsage
the beauty you think you are seeing
is really only the Mirage

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  1. Beautiful poems M! Love it! You'll have to send me an invite to our class fb page. Your poems were always my favorite. ;)